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Deep Tissue Massage Bradenton, FL

Deep tissue massage involves going deep into the layers of your muscles and tissues to break knots, adhesion and scar tissue. It heals pain, stiffness, injuries and fatigue. Deep tissue massage is best suited for athletes, runners, and people with sport related injuries.

 Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Why does a Deep Tissue Massage help the body to heal?

Massage therapy using the the fingers, thumbs and elbows are used to release persistent muscle tension. Slow deep strokes and friction are employeed. The massage therapist works perpendicularly to the length of the fibres of the superficial muscles, with the intent of massaging muscle that lie below. Deep tissue massage is believed to increase blood flow and to be of greatest use in problem muscles for pain, rehabilitation and arthritic complaints.

Swedish and deep tissue massages are very similar; however, the primary difference is the level of pressure involved. If you’re looking for relaxation and relief from tense, tight muscles, Swedish massage or a full body massage is probably right for you.

If you’re recovering from an injury, deep tissue massage can be a helpful part of your treatment plan.

Deep Tissue Massage - the Benefits

Do you exercise 3 or 4 times a week, perhaps even less? Do you pump iron, participate in pilates, yoga or dance exercise routines? If so, your muscles will be tight, and without a good massage or a deep tissue massage your workouts may suffer.

deep tissue massage for strength training

The massage therapist needs to get to the lower layers of your muscle connective tissue by applying continuous pressure and deep stokes. These deep strokes reduce the tension held in your muscle tissue. A bi-weekly massage session of 60 to 90 minutes is recommended to help your body heal and relax.

deep tissue massage aids with strength training

Your relaxed and less stressed muscle tissue will help you with a greater ROM - range of motion. A deep tissue massage will help your body to be more efficient in building muscle tissue and using more calories.

Stress hormones in your body will be reduced and the ‘feel good’ hormones will be enhanced.

Deep tissue massage will also act on the knots from strained, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate current pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. Deep tissue massage stimulates faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

How Aromatherapy helps during a Massage


Essential oils can be added on to any type of massage for aromatherapy purposes. Massage therapy has been linked to short-term decrease in physical aches and pains and improved mood. Adding an essential oil for an aromatherapy massage can potentially enhance the effects.

For example, if you have aches and pains from depression, then adding a mood-boosting oil like orange could also make you feel better.

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